Sunday, April 22, 2018

Integrative Calendula

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits are in the colors of the food and plants we eat? Orange foods are social foods. Calendula heirloom flowers are yellow, yellow orange and orange, they are the medicinal ones. The length of our spinal cord has hollow glands similar to lymph nodes, which is known as our social network.  They store a surplus of nutrients which come from yellow orange to orange plants.  This reserve of nutrients bioflavonoids, are stored for emergencies which the body will use during a catastrophic illness, sudden trauma, or fatality.  Plants follow a signature of doctrines, which mimics a shape, pattern or action of the human body requires.
 Calendula flowers have their own social network, they thrive in groupings and create their own community. They also contribute to the social network within the body.  Calendula reproduces month to month throughout the year in warmer climates, popping up and blooming everywhere; for the benefit of man. Just like people are transient, branching out to different cultures and societies throughout the year; hopefully contributing to the society and the culture they are a part of?

Calendula Salve, always nurtures and mends wounds. A soothing balm that has your back and will do justice and take action, it is an antiseptic and prophylactic. The essential oil and salicylic acid in the flowers has antimicrobial and antioxidizing actions. Another constituent allantoin proliferates new skin, soothes bruises, burns, and open cuts.  
Calendula, comforts and pampers babies. Calendula Salve, turns down the heat and puts out the fire, soothing babies and diaper rash.  Allantoin, neutralizes the acidity of urine and conditions the skin. 

Calendula Herb Infusions, have a wide range of actions and is beneficial for chronic digestive imbalances, food intolerance and leaky gut syndrome.  This digestive disturbance escalates as the cycle continues in a symptomatic pattern. As one symptom follows the other; calendula tea and calendula tincture can track this chronic pattern, forward and backwards, addressing the complete digestive system. This soothing action nurtures the belly and intestines and mends the intestinal wall; just like it mends and patches the skin from an abrasion, cut, or burn.        

 Calendula Cream, social integration with society is a gift, nothing short of God's love.  It is adaptable and can be grown throughout the whole world.  Every civilization should have calendula growing; and it should be honored for all the heroic actions and benefits it has to offer humanity. 

By: Anna Sangemino 

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