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 Recovery a Face to Face Reality


   Recovering from a serious illness or accident?  serious illness or shock to your body pulls on reserves of nutrients, protein, and calcium to keep you alive. In my case, I lost 24 pounds in 3 days, from a ruptured appendix. The appendectomy saved my life!  I was released the fourth day and was face to face with a whole new reality. Loose flabby skin everywhere on my body! The protein from my muscles, calcium from my bones, and the store house of nutrients that I had in reserve pulled me out of danger. 
     Recovery is a face to face reality. An illness or accident is a major cause of stress, which releases stress hormones.  Hormones break down muscle, elastin and collagen so our skin thins and sags; no matter what your age. 
     Collagen, a fibrous roping, forms on top of muscle and provides the integral 
support matrix for the, elastin, or connective tissue to adhere onto muscle.  A natural process for healthy skin.  
     The collagen rebuilds itself on a regular basis. But, in hindered and made worse by oxidative stress and free radicals because they fight to destroy the weakened collagen matrix… This is part of the aging process we can slow down with proper nutrition for the skin and the body.  My theory is, whole plants for whole people; the holistic approach. 
     While none of us like to age, we can accept that it is something we all face… But, aging before your time, due to a serious illness or accident?  Recovery is a reality Check. There is always hope and with God's perfect design, a cure! 
     Let's talk nutrition for the skin. Lipid oils, which are cold pressed seed oil,  for repair, sustaining and maintaining healthy skin.  They hydrate and moisture, so important for the skin.  Hydration and Moisture keep the skin cells active as they float around in lipid fluid requiring the nutrients from the lipid oil.  Let's feed our skin what it desires?  The essential Phyto-nutrients from cold pressed seed oils sustains the life cycle of the cells, plus develops new cells. This process rebuilds collagen, fiber, and elastin; vital material for healthy tight skin. 

       Phyto-nutrients, also called phyto-chemicals, are life sustaining, chemical constituents within plants. Phyto-nutrient rich foods include seeds, legumes, nuts, tea, colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and many spices.

      Anna’s Secret Repairing Serum is enhanced with Essential Fatty Acids, Omegas 3 & 6, it is also rich in Zinc, Vitamin E, & Vitamin A. These emollient properties particularly Zinc and vitamin C, help firm and tighten skin.  Zinc along with natural selenium clarifies oily skin. 
     These potent antioxidants protect the skin from environmental oxidative stress. It works great and benefits sensitive skin. 

Anna's Secret Repairing Serum is a synergistic blend of cold pressed seed oils and essential oils.; the essential nutrients and constituents is food for the skin...

EVENING PRIMROSE                               

Therapeutic botanical properties in Evening Primrose are bioflavonoids, essential fatty acids and astringents.  Both are superior constituents for the best antiaging, natural skin care.  Evening Primrose contains a large amount of Gamma linoleic acid, beneficial to prevent wrinkles, break down scar tissue and soothe skin irritations.  Gamma linoleic acid is one of the essential fatty acids found to repair, protect and renew the skin.   Because they are vital for hydration, protection and maintaining health and beauty, Evening Primrose a natural skin care ingredient is as a barrier for the epithelial, the outer layer of the skin. A shield of protection for antiaging, and from environmental free radicals and toxins. 
RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL                            
 Contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids with Linoleic acid (omega 6) being 55% and Alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) at 30% 
Red Raspberry Seed Oil contains a protective barrier, 24 - 38 factor, for the skin from harmful ultra violet sun rays.  
Brings moisture deep into the skin.
Reduces inflammation, repairs the skin and promotes wound healing. 
Seals in moisture, benefiting dry skin with hydration. 
Effective in cell regeneration and protects the skin barrier. 
BLACK CUMIN OIL                                          
  Topically smooths and nourishes the skin for a radiant complexion.  Helps strengthen and maintain cell integrity while regenerating damaged skin.  Reduces fluid retention and varicose veins. Clears the complexion and congested pores. The essential fatty acids help clear complicated and serious skin conditions.  It is a superior anti-inflammatory. 
PUMPKIN SEED OIL                                          

     Revitalizes supple soft skin with Linoleic and Oleic acid, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Omega 3 & 6. Retains moisture, fights free radicals, improves skin tone, help wounds mend more rapidly, fights skin blemishes, and regenerates new skin. 
  Blackcurrant Seed Oil is an effective moisturizer and helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. It is best suited for dry, sensitive skin.  The essential fatty acids, Omega 6 (linoleic) and Omega 3 (linolenic) penetrate and exfoliate the skin.  The fatty acids nourish dry, depleted skin types and seal the epithelial.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful for itchy, inflamed skin conditions.  
 Ylang Ylang, and Carrot Seed essential oils, restore healthy beauty.

Patchouli E.O.                                              

 Has an exceptional synergy for calming, lending itself as anti-inflammatory A decongestant, cleanses and hydrates, smooths fine lines and soothes chapped skin.  It restores healthy skin and relieves itching.
GERANIUM E.O.                                              
     Geranium E.O. moisturizes the skin while balancing the sebum which settles in the pores and keeps the skin supple.  Geranium cleanses oily skin, restores moisture to dry skin and enlivens pale skin.  Geranium regenerates skin tissue and improves circulation. 

Lavender E.O.                                  

     Has both a stimulating and calming vitality. It is an adaptagen, restores and balances energy levels, and has the potential to renew healthy, soft, supple skin.  This synergistic harmony balances and restores new skin while minimizing scar tissue.  Lavender E.O. prevents the build up of excess sebum and promotes a clear complexion. Lavender is also relaxing for tired or sore, overworked and tight muscles.     

Ylang Ylang E.O.                                              

Ylang Ylang strengthens the nervous system and reduces stress on the nerves which protects them from damage.

It is extremely effective in maintaining moisture and oil balance of the skin.  It regulates sebum production and treats infection caused by inflammatory skin conditions.

Carrot Seed Oil
Contains alpha lipoic acid, a constituent proven to combat aging of the skin.   It nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates the skin. 

Condition your skin twice a day with Anna's Secret Repair Serum.  Designed with you in mind, with whole plants for whole people. Remember, there is always hope and with God's perfect design, a cure!  The SkinCare Guardian.

By: Anna Sangemino

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