Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Geranium to the Rescue

Have you ever been in a compromised situation that emotionally sets you off your center and disturbs your peace of mind? You did not want to turn to your friends or family over inconsequential issues? You know it will blow over sooner or later, so you tolerate emotional imbalances?

Your cortisol level rises, you're not sleeping well, and your nerves are shot. Your skin becomes dull, loses its glow and begins to dry out. Time goes by and you bury your problems. More stress hormones are released. Your skin begins to blotch out and turn red, your body starts to itch and your hair loses its shine becoming dry and brittle. Chronic fatigue can cause many different skin infirmities, caused by mental and or physical weakness. 

Before you run to the Doctor for relief so you can cope, try a few natural alternatives. 
Prayer and meditation are the key to resolve and find answers.  Sitting peacefully in a quiet place will help you find your center. Once you begin to communicate doors will be open to help you resolve issues and not compromise your emotion. 

Dune Meadow Herbal Infusion, is designed for your central nervous system with calming herbs.  They will nurture and support the central nervous system so you can center and focus and hopefully balance your emotions. Dune Meadow is a central nervous system nurturing infusion.  It contains whole flowers and herbal whole leaves. They are refreshing on the palette and a digestive blend. It is comforting and lulls you into a peaceful state, for a restful night and a deep sleep.

 Geranium in particular, balances emotions and rescues inflammatory skin conditions. 
Rose Geranium Hydrosol and Rose Geranium Moisturizer Cream, will hydrate and sooth inflammatory skin conditions. Geranium rescues hot flashes balancing hormones, particularly stress hormones. It will nurture your emotions, rescue down in the dump attitudes, and uplift your spirit, by balancing cortisol and other stress producing hormones. It soothes friction in your joints, wherever you harbor stress pain will trigger.

Mist your body with Rose Geranium Hydrosol, moisturize your skin with 
Rose Geranium Cream, and massage the tender painful areas while you are moisturizing your body.

Geranium Essential Oil relieves tension, calms the nerves, eases the joints and uplifts your spirit.  

Geranium Essential Oil is a luxury, a state of great comfort; and a gift I consider my best friend at times.  

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