Monday, September 17, 2018

How To Remedies With Jewelweed Herb

How to Make Home Made Poison Ivy Remedies With Jewelweed Herb 
Jewelweed Extract
You can make it into a tincture as described above. Although the blend below is more effective. To skip all the trouble of making it you can get the remedies already made at 
Supplies & Ingredients: 
  • quart sized jar 
  • stems, leaves, and flowers of Jewelweed – chopped 
  • alcohol - 80 proof vodka or 60% everclear and 40% water 
  • a few leaves of plantain, chickweed, cleavers, or comfrey – cut up the leaves 
  1. Place the Jewelweed and herbs in the jar, filling it about half full. 
  1. Cover with alcohol – enough to cover the leaves by at least a quarter of an inch. 
  1. Place the cap on the jar, making sure it is tight. Shake well. 
  1. Place in the sun and shake every day. Leave for at least three weeks. 
  1. When it is finished, strain and store the tincture in a cool, dark place. 
Jewelweed Poison Ivy Blend
Then I use the Jewelweed tincture to make this Jewelweed poison ivy solution. 
Supplies & Ingredients: 

  1. Pour the tincture into the pint jar. Add enough distilled water to double the volume. This will give you a 20% alcohol solution. If you find this too drying, you can add more distilled water. 
  1. Add the essential oils and cap tightly. Shake well,
  1. Store any remaining Jewelweed Poison Ivy Solution for up to 4 months or longer in a refrigerator.

Grow or Wild Picking Jewelweed 
Most likely, if you have a moist semi shady area in your yard, you may have Jewelweed growing there. Look in marsh areas, wetlands, along rivers and creeks or damp areas along the roadside. I’ve seen stands up to 8-feet-tall near our home. 
To harvest, I take the top ⅓ of the plant, leaving the rest to continue growing. Never harvest all the Jewelweed in one place, or there won’t be any the next year. Jewelweed is a tropical annual that dies as soon as the frost hits it. It needs to be able to set seed to propagate more. 
If you want to grow it, it is very easy. You can find the seeds in many places, including online. Sow directly in the soil in a moist, shady area. It will germinate quickly and you’ll see two oval, pale green leaves that kind of look like fat kidney beans. These are the first seeds. Your plants will grow quickly and need very little care except watering when young. Or you can get the Jewelweed Herb already dried and ready to use at
Want a natural Jewelweed Poison Ivy Treatment, but don’t want to make it yourself? 
If you don’t have the time or resources to make a poison ivy treatment with jewelweed, you can find a few natural options already made for you: 

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